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Help Desk

Send us your questions and feedback

We are happy to answer any questions you have about data storage and your particular situation. You can use our contact form to send us a note. We will respond to the email address you give us. We will never share your information with others, although we may add a generic question and answer to this knowledge base in order to share the general advice.

Also, we will take your product suggestions into consideration.

Open to any question about data storage

Koor offers an asynchronous help desk to help you with your questions about data storage. While Koor specializes in Rook and Ceph storage, we have a range and depth of skills that cover a large set of related topics.

Post your questions, and give us a try. We will do our best to answer. We are also willing to admit when we do not know the answer.

Koor is a remote company; we have people in many time zones around the world. And you are wherever you are. Given the situation, we try to respond to help desk questions within one business day, although it may take two or three, depending on various national holidays of the various nations we reside in.

For free trial users as well as paying customers

The Help Desk is for anyone who needs help, especially if you are using the KSD free trial or Pro subscription.

We prioritize questions from those who purchased KSD Pro. KSD Pro includes a system assessment, so we can take a closer look and get more specific about solutions to whatever trouble you are having.

Feedback is welcome, too

The Koor Help Desk is a great way to give us feedback, too. Use the same form to send us your ideas. We collect your email address in case we want to ask clarifying questions to make sure we understand your points.

Alternative ways to get help

Office hours

If you are interested in a live discussion, we host office hours on demand. Use the same form to request a special session of office hours. We will schedule the session, and do a recording to share with the world. Want to be famous?


Some issues require extensive help to resolve beyond what we can resolving over the Help Desk. For help with significant issues, Koor offers Consulting Hours, which are reserved in 10-hour blocks. Before the consultation, we ask that you subscribe to a KSD Pro license so that we have the best, time-saving diagnostic tools.

See our pricing page if you would like consulting help with your Rook Ceph storage issues.